Black Law Enforcement Association

BLEA Mission

BLEA is committed to the education, development, and involvement of the entire community through holistic solutions and community partnerships.

Black Law Enforcement
Association Vision

BLEA will be known as an organization for change, offering progressive training and opportunities for citizens, law enforcement, and stakeholders in a unified community. BLEA aims to bring citizens and the criminal justice system closer together to combat crime, juvenile delinquency and keep everyone safe in the community during encounters with law enforcement, or criminal justice entities. This mission is accomplished by creating a positive relationship between the community and the criminal justice community through education, training and healthy dialogue.


Texas Community Safety Education Act, Senate Bill 30, was enacted to mandate the training and education of both Police officers and citizens, on how to conduct themselves during a common traffic stop and police interaction. Many citizens donot realize the protocols that officers must followduring a traffic stop. These measures are put in place to ensure the safety of citizens and officers, and to maintain the legal integrity of each encounter.Traffic stops can be one of the most dangerous tasks performed by an officer. In contrast, many officers mustalso understand the stress that a driver endures during the process of being stopped. As a result, the 7-step protocol of traffic stops are taught to citizens, and rules of conduct are emphasized so that drivers understand and respect the procedures put in place, which allow officers to perform their duties, andofficers learn to give citizens the respect that they deserve during this stressful encounter. In the end, both parties leave the scene safely.